Are you and your company casting wishful glances at the global market? The project Arctic Design of Sweden helps regional designers in Norrbotten and Västerbotten reach out internationally, and thereby strengthening the creative industrieswithin our region.

With the right prerequisites, we know that both creativity and design products of our region have great international potential.Swedish design already has a first-rate reputation worldwide, and interest has grown through current trends concerning sustainability and unique design.

Creative industries in Sweden already export goods to quite an extent. However, 98 percent of those companies are sole traders with few products to export. It may be too expensive to participate in international fairs and trade shows, as well as difficult to outline an international strategy. Arctic Design of Sweden offers these designers access to events, with the opportunity to showcase their products in select markets, and to establish new connections.

There are a few requirements for you to be able to take part. We demand, for example, high quality display and packaging, a marketing strategy and, last but not least, commitment.

We are convinced that if you have a sustainable, creative and high-quality product, as well as a motivation to reach new markets, there are no boundaries!