Stage Timetable

Note: the stage events will only be held on May 10th, the invite-only day. There will be no stage events on the 11th.

13:30 Registration starts

14:00 Doors open

14:30 Event starts

Program: (Please note that the program is subject to change.)

  1. Introduction and opening remarks by LiLiCo
  1. “What is Arctic Design of Sweden?” – a visual introduction
  1. “Arctic Sweden: Past, Present, and Future” – Ms. Marlene Johansson (CEO, Uminova Expression) and Ms. Camilla Thorn Wollnert (Region Västerbotten)
  1. “Arctic Inspiration and Design Traditions of the Deep North” – Per Enoksson (exhibitor; proprietor of Hikki)
  1. “Made by Japan” – Ola Rune (co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune)
  • Well-known Swedish architect and designer Ola Rune will talk about his experience working on many projects in Japan over several decades.
  1. “My Swedish Journey” – Jin Kuramoto (Jin Kuramoto Studio)
  • Award-winning Tokyo-based designer Jin Kuramoto will share his experiences working for Swedish furniture makers.
  1. “Engine of Innovation: Umeå Institute of Design (UID)” – Jonas Sandström (UID)
  • Before becoming a senior lecturer at UID, Jonas Sandström spent five years in Japan working in product design for Toyota and Honda. He will share interesting stories about innovation and cross-cultural experiences.
  1. “Career Prospects for Young Swedish Designers” – Celine Strömbäck and Johan Björn (exhibitors; young designers affiliated with Uminova Expression)
  1. Q&A – facilitated by LiLiCo
  1. Closing remarks by LiLiCo

17:00 Event ends