The Organizers

Uminova Expression

Based at the Umeå Arts Campus of northern Sweden’s Umeå University, Uminova Expression AB is a business incubator for students and researchers specializing in the cultural, artistic, and creative industries. It provides a supportive platform for students to turn their ideas into businesses.

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With hubs in the municipalities of Skellefteå, Arvidsjaur, and Lycksele in northern Sweden, Krenova helps aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Krenova provides resources and services such as free office space, consulting, networking, and personal coaching – covering most people’s needs to establish a business.

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A Message from the Organizers

Stina Berglund of Krenova and Barbro Renkel of Uminova Expression

When we hatched our plan for an exhibition, the dream was to create a more prominent, coherent voice for the creative forces and industries of Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Things that are created around us on a small scale are sometimes lost in the hubbub of the wider world. So, our plan was to make sure that everyone could hear the buzz from our region.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has reported a strong willingness to expand within the cultural and creative sector in the northern regions of Sweden. By reaching a broader market, internationalization can create opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

However, conditions make it difficult for companies in creative industries to export. High costs and lack of resources are two reasons, as well as the fact that 98% of companies in the creative industries are sole proprietors. The hope is that this exhibit will change this and become a first step into the world for interesting and innovative design companies. We hope that this exhibit will kick-start long-term international growth for participants.

Business incubators Krenova and Expression have collaborated for this exhibit to become a reality, while Region Västerbotten and the European Regional Development Fund have gladly provided support. The exhibition will showcase products from more established companies, as well as new creators. Some are still students, but they have already shown such uniqueness and proof of craftsmanship that they have been invited to participate.

We hope you will enjoy the exhibit.

Stina Berglund

Barbro Renkel
Uminova Expression